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    Straight Phenolic Resin

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    Phenolic Resin for Friction Material
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product name:Straight Phenolic Resin


Free Phenol(%)Finess
(200 mesh)
WL-500218-3080-1108.5-9.5≤2.0≥95%general purpose, high heat resistance
WL-500425-4070-1008.5-9.5≤1.5≥95%general purpose
WL-500530-4565-958.8-10.0≤1.5≥95%general purpose
WL-500630-5060-909.0-10.0≤1.5≥95%general purpose
WL-500725-3660-958.5-9.5<1.0≥95%general purpose
WL-500843-5780-958.5-9.5<1.0≥95%high bonding strength
WL-500935-5580-1109.5-11.0≤1.5≥95%general purpose

Package and Storage:
Packed in 25kgs kraft paper bags lined with plastic film. It should be stored in dry ventilation place where temperature do not exceed 25℃for extended periods of time. Avoid heat and sunlight. Do not stack the bags to high in case of clumping. Shelf life is 6 months. During the storage process, resin would agglomerate when affected by heat or water..If the agglomeration can spread easily., the influence generated in production could be ignored.

Company Profile

         Willing New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. (Willingchem) was established in 1998 with registered capital of 85 million 200 thousand yuan, is located in  Chemical Industry-Intensive Area,Puyang,Henan,China, specializing in Rubber chemicals, thermosetting resins and materials, organic chemical intermediates research and development, production and sales. Willingchem is key High-tech enterprises of National Torch Plan, innovative enterprises in Henan Province, energy saving technology innovation demonstration enterprises, technological innovation demonstration enterprises, Top 100 enterprises, AAA grade credit quality Henan industrial enterprises.

        Willingchem could produce more than 50 sorts of rubber chemicals, using lustration production technology with 50,000MT/Year capacity tons, we are one of the biggest Rubber Chemicals manufacturer with Richest chooses in China,and become to have significant influence in the global Rubber chemicals Manufacturers , according to customer request,we could prepare our products in POWDER,in OILED POWDER ,in GRANULE or in SUPER FINE POWDER."Willing" brand rubber chemicals for the rubber industry association credit quality is Rubber Industry Association recommended brand. Our products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in the world, China Rubber Industry hundred enterprises.



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