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First, rely on the unit overview

     WILLING New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "WILLING Shares") was established in April 1998, located in the Industrial and Trade Demonstration Zone of Puyang City, Henan Province, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, specializing in the research and development,  production of rubber additives and  Sales.The company has a controlling subsidiary, OUCHISHINKO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD(JAPAN) and a wholly-owned subsidiary, Puyang WILLING New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification and GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise of the Torch Program, and an innovative enterprise in Henan Province. Henan Province Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Technology Innovation Model Enterprise, Henan Province Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, Henan Province High-tech Industry Top 60 Enterprise and Henan High-growth Enterprise


(1) Main business

      The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of rubber auxiliaries, which are mainly used in the rubber industry.

      Through years of development, the company can now use the cleaning process to produce thiazoles, sulfenamides, thiurams, dithiocarbamates, vulcanizing agents and other rubber additives, with an annual production capacity of nearly 20,000 tons. The company has become the most complete enterprise of domestic accelerators. The comprehensive quality indicators of major products have reached or exceeded the level of internationally renowned enterprises. The output of thiram and dithiocarbamate products ranks in the same industry in the country. In the first place, it has become one of the world's most influential manufacturers of accelerator products, and has maintained a leading position in the development and application of new additives and innovative additives.


(2) Institutional settings

      The company has established and improved the functional departments such as the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors and the board of supervisors, and formulated the basic management systems such as the Rules of Procedure for the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors, the Rules of Procedure for the Supervisory Committee, and the Independent Director System, which further improved the company's Corporate governance structure.The general meeting of shareholders is the highest authority of the company, and has the decision-making power for major matters such as the company's major business plans, investment plans, profit distribution plans, and compensation for losses.The board of directors is responsible for the general meeting of shareholders. It has four committees of strategy, nomination, audit, remuneration and performance. It implements the resolutions of the shareholders' meeting and fulfills all functions and powers conferred by the Company Law and the Articles of Association.The board of supervisors mainly exercises the power of supervision and has the power to supervise the financial status of the company and the performance of the board of directors.The general manager is appointed by the board of directors and is responsible to the board of directors. He is responsible for the company's operation and management and reports to the board of directors on a regular basis. It has a general manager's office, an administrative department, a human resources department, and a marketing department. Each functional department has its own functions and checks and balances, which has achieved stable development of the company. The details of the company's department settings are shown in the figure below.


Puyang WILLING Chemical Co., Ltd. Organization Chart

(3) Economic strength

      The company has established a sound financial management system, and the credit rating of the Agricultural Bank of China is AAA. After years of continuous development, the company's total assets are nearly 300 million yuan, and the annual sales income has exceeded 400 million yuan.

(4) Development prospects

      The rubber additive is a general term for various chemicals which are added to the rubber during rubber processing and which can improve the rubber processing property, improve the quality of the rubber product, and reduce the cost. Rubber additives are important raw materials for the rubber industry. Rubber additives play an important role in the improvement of processing and application properties of rubber products. The rubber additives with excellent performance can not only improve the processing performance, improve the quality of products, reduce energy consumption and production. Cost, and can prevent aging degradation and prolong the service life of rubber products. Rubber additives products comply with national industrial policies:

The "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue" (National Development and Reform Commission (2011)), the eleventh item of the "encouraging category", "Petrochemical Chemicals", the 14th item "Environmental Catalysts and Auxiliaries" and the 17th item "High" Performance radial tires and supporting special materials are all related to the support of the rubber additives industry.

      According to statistics, nearly 90% of the application of rubber additives is related to automobiles, and 70% of its output is used for tire production. In recent years, with the continuous growth of the global automotive industry, high-speed railway and aerospace industries, the demand for rubber products will continue to flourish, and the rubber industry will continue to develop. At the same time, the eastward shift of the international rubber industry has also provided a rapid development opportunity for China's rubber auxiliaries industry. Especially in recent years, international rubber auxiliaries production enterprises have continuously shut down their production facilities, which has made the domestic industry gain greater development. Space, China's rubber additives industry has become increasingly dominant in the global market.

Second, postdoctoral work

      On May 18th, 2011, the Provincial Bo Administrative Office organized the “Doctoral Innovation Team of Henan Province and the Xiangyang R&D Base Project”, Professor Hu Guoqin and Professor Song Huaijun from Zhengzhou University School of Chemical Engineering and Dr. Guo Kai from School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhengzhou University. The company's leaders conducted in-depth discussions on the "oxygen oxidation method synthetic rubber vulcanization accelerator" and "rubber additives clean production new technology" project, and initially reached a cooperation intention.

Third, R & D base management

Management Department: R&D Center

Supervisor: Wang Zhiqiang

Contact: Wang Fei

Contact number: 13461713196

E-mail: wangfei1022@sina.com

Contact Information

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