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Dear Friends: We will attend The 21st International Exhibition on Rubber Technology during Sept.15-17,2021. and You are visited to! Our stand 1A149. Exhibition Products as following:
2021-07-28 10:33:14

  1. WL-PU80 High-performance——WLPU08 cant glue roller and can completely replace RFL glue

  Low costThe cost of WL-PU08 glue is lower than RFL glue; the adverse factors of difficult phenol procurement and high price fluctuation are eliminated

Enviromental Protection——WL-PU08 glue does not use limited substances such as Resorcin and formaldehyde; reduces the odor caused during processing& use and VOCS discharge —— WL-PU08 glue does not use formaldehyde hazardous chemicals, reducing the explosion-proof level requirements of the workshop

Mor information please contact us.

  2. Insoluble sulfur

  3. Accelerator CZ

  4. Accelerator DM

  5. Accelerator M

  6. Accelerator TBBS

  7. Plasticizer DBD

  8. Accelerator WL-101

  9. Sulcanizer CLD

  10. Accelerator TBzTD

  11. Accelerator CBBS

  12. AcceleratorTBSI

   13. AcceleratorMTT


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